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Yoga with a Chair –
 Instructor Robin Ungar

Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Chair Yoga March 2017 Coralville
What is Yoga with a Chair?

Yoga with a Chair is a very gentle form of yoga which works your muscles and joints to increase flexibility/mobility, strength, balance, energy, and relaxation. It helps to firm and tone the body.

The exercise of Yoga with a Chair encourages proper breathing, improved posture and light form of meditation. It has been known to help with reducing blood pressure, improves circulation, quickens recovery from injuries and surgery and improves sleep. It is a pleasurable way for people with physical limitation to experience the overall well -being of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
LEVEL 1 – Join certified Body Moves yoga instructor Robin Ungar each Monday at 10:30 for five weeks from August 21 to September 25. (No session Labor Day)  Each session is one hour. 
This is yoga without having to get up and down from the floor, and using a chair to make poses accessible to everyone. Level 1 is perfect for anyone with physical limitations who wants to find an adaptive form of yoga; also for those wanting to learn about yoga and basic poses for the first time, or as a refresher. There is an emphasis on breath work as a method of relaxation and focus. Reserve your spot early as class size is limited. Dress in comfortable clothes. $60 for the 5 Week Series. Click HERE to reserve your space.
LEVEL 2 – 
Level 2 classes will assume some knowledge of yoga poses, and will begin to work more deeply as is individually appropriate, helping the student to integrate their yoga practice in everyday life.  Level 2 classess with instructor Robin Ungar will meet each Wednesday for for six weeks from July 12 toAugust 23. Space is limited. $72 for the 6 Week Series. Click HERE to reserve your space.

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