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Governor Reynolds’ Proclamation for Use of Face Masks in Iowa was released on Monday, November 16, 2020.  Body Moves is grateful that the Governor at last has made a  mandate on the wearing of face coverings in indoor public areas and we are hopeful that this measure will help restrict community spread of COVID-19.  We regret that this mandate had not been made in the Governor’s first proclamation of March 17, 2020.

Given the parameters of the November 16 Proclamation, we are fortunate that Body Moves has our curricula well-established  through Zoom and Facebook live for all of our group fitness and small group personal training sessions.  We are open to provide our classes and workouts online for our students!  Through the online platforms, students will enjoy the benefit of not having to disrupt their fitness routine during these upcoming weeks of the pandemic.  However, at least until December 11, students will not have the option to take classes and workouts in-studio.

The exceptions listed in the Proclamation to wearing face coverings in indoor areas are disturbing and lead to inconsistencies elsewhere in the Proclamation document.  For example, Section Four of the Proclamation states that, “any athlete participating in a sporting or recreational event, or any person engaged in physical exercise”, is not required to wear a mask.  Then, in Section B. Fitness Centers, the proclamation states  (1) fitness equipment must be spaced at least 6 feet apart, but (2) All group fitness activities are prohibited.

Body Moves believes that persons engaged in physical exercise in indoor public areas should wear face coverings.

Body Moves regrets that the Governor’s Proclamation indicates that individuals may use cardio and strength fitness equipment without face coverings in indoor public areas.

Body Moves regrets the prohibition of all group fitness activities, even if established protocol is followed, including 6 or more feet distancing, restricted enrollment, disinfection, face coverings, temperature taking, and hand washing measures.

I am hopeful that the inconsistencies in the Proclamation will readily be resolved and that we can soon re-open in-studio group exercise to limited students while following our established COVID-19 Procedures and Policies.

Beth Pelton, Owner

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