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 Ageless Grace iconAgeless Grace ®
**Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center Exclusive!!

This is a fitness and wellness program of 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease. The practice of Ageless Grace promotes the “Three R’s”, the ability to respond, react, and recover efficiently and safely. Designed for all ages and all abilities, Ageless Grace emphasizes a variety of anti-aging techniques such as joint mobility, spinal flexibility, right-left brain coordination, core strength, bone density, kinesthetic learning, cognitive functioning, systemic health, balance, fall prevention, self-esteem, confidence and playfulness. The techniques are designed to be practiced in a chair to lively and familiar music. You will get a good workout, stimulate your mind, and have a very good time!

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Body Sculpt
Experience this challenging and dynamic whole body muscle conditioning class using your own body as resistance tools. This class will help build muscle and improve cardiovascular health. All fitness levels are welcome.  Floor mats are used in this course.  Resistance tubes and hand weights may be desired or needed by some students.

Nia-Logo-3000pxNia ® **Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center Exclusive!!

A fitness program that integrates martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts with the premise that exercise is to be joyful inside and out for your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Practiced in bare feet to inspiring music and at your current level of fitness, Nia gives you a workout in all parts of fitness: flexibility, agility, cardiorespiratory, strength and balance.   Ongoing Nia practice promotes a wellness lifestyle of fitness, health, power, and beauty.  Nia is a Body Moves studio exclusive. !

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pilates_logo    Mat Pilates
An effective series of exercises focusing on the core area of the body to help correct muscular imbalances and to improve posture, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Appropriate for all fitness levels.


small group personal training logoSmall Group Personal Training

Our Small Group Personal Training Program focuses on Functional Fitness- an exercise program of movements that leads to enhanced performance in every-day life! It’s much more than just strength training and cardio exercise. Your trainer and group members will work with you to achieve your goals for greater health, fitness and wellness, while also paying strict attention to the ACSM Exercise Guidelines.  Our trainers will evaluate your progress throughout the program and lead you to reach realistic goals.  You will meet with your trainer and small group twice a week for 7 – 12 months. This is a program designed for long-term success and lifestyle change.The rewards of being in this program are priceless!



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T’ai Chi & Qigong  Known as meditation in motion, T’ai chi improves physical health, calms the mind, and lifts the spirit.  This ancient martial art combines  breath, with flowing movement and postures that increase balance, strength, focus, energy, and grounding. Tai Chi is taught as a progressive series in six- or eight-week sessions. Students will meet one day each week during the series.

The gentle rhythmic movements of Qigong reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality and improve function of the immune system.  “Qi” is life energy and “gong” means work. Qigong uses the same  fundamental principles of T’ai Chi, but is available on a drop-in basis. Meetings are each Tuesday 12:15pm-1:00pm.

Wear loose clothing, bare/socked feet or flat shoes for Tai Chi and Qigong.  Tai Chi is independent of the regular class schedule.  Open session are listed on the Events page.

“Allow yourself the freedom to grow and expand. Form the habit of saying yes to your own potential. Take time to think of all the reasons why you can and will embrace new possibilities and adventures.”

…Don Ward

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Gentle Yoga
Mixed-levels class covers basic yoga poses, energizing the body with sequences, integrating breath and movement. Designed to increase your strength and flexibility, this class is a wonderful opportunity for beginners to learn yoga basics or for well-seasoned yogis to focus on the fundamentals of yoga practice.

Slow Flow Yoga
Mixed-levels class consists of movement through linked postures that will encourage proper alignment, strengthens the body, and quiet  the mind. The class includes traditional poses, use of the breath, and occasional focus on fundamentals of yoga poses.


Zumba logo

Exhilarating, effective, Latin and World Rhythms fuse in Zumba dance, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class. No experience needed. Zumba is accessible to all shapes and sizes.  Come join the party!

Zumba Toning(R)

Zumba® Toning takes the original Zumba dance-fitness class to the next level, utilizing an innovative muscle training program with the use of Zumba toning sticks. You’ll learn how to use the weighted, Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm, build strength and tone all areas of the body while still having the same upbeat fun as a regular Zumba class.  One pound and 2.5 pound Zumba toning sticks are available for purchase at Body Moves.