Read What Our Students and Instructors
Have to Say About Changes in Their Personal Wellness
and About Our Body Moves Community


From Kaci Briear, Body Moves Fitness
Zumba Instructor

Congratulations, Kaci!  You rock!


I really NEED yoga in my life!!!  And Body Moves has been a great fit for me!

                                                        — Joan Grabin


“I love the people and all the positive energy!”
                                             — Rose Frank


“The most beautiful energy emanated from the Saturday Nia class. Thanks to all.  It is a great community.” 

                                           — Robyn Braverman

“Dear Nia Dancers:  ‘Awake’, the new dance, is so joyful!  I laughed a lot today.  Thank you for sharing the space with me.  Beth, you continue to rock!”
                                                      — Jude Jensen


“Thanks, Meridyth, for kicking our tushes and welcoming the West High dance girls.”

                                                      — Nina Ihrig


“I highly recommend Body Moves Fitness!  Beth and her staff are amazing, experienced and incredibly kind.  There is a sense of family, and we truly enjoy seeing each other.  I should mention, my body transformation has been quite noticeable, and it has only been 4 months since joining.  If you love full body exercise like Zumba, Yoga, Nia and more, come check it out!
                                                — Ama Mothershed


” I love taking Nia and Ageless Grace at Body Moves!”
                                        — Mary Lou Mayfield


Great Stay-cation — informative, entertaining, & fun!” 
                                                                          — Eileen DeArmond


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