Monthly Update — Monday, February 1


Warm Greetings on this wintry day!

Today is the first day of a new month, so we are posting the FEBRUARY calendar.


Monday, February 15, Body Moves will host the Health and Handwriting: The Hidden Connection workshop. In it, Kari will address benefits of handwritten communication and material in today’s digital world from mindfulness to social connection to brain heath. Students will receive a unique book to help guide them on a writing journey.

Those who attended last years anniversary cursive workshop will find this one to be a stimulating expansion of the material, addressing the motive and means to build the practice of writing into your life.

Students can sign up online or by calling the studio at 319-337-3777.

Please remember that schedule changes will be posted in the Facebook group and on the website. Please check one of these regularly to keep up-to-date, especially during these winter months.

Have a wonderful week!

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