Scam Prevention Workshop on Monday, March 15

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft and Fraud

Join our friends Christian Miller and Stephanie Thomann from Hills Bank & Trust Company and the Body Moves community for a conversation about identity theft.

IdentityTheft 01

Identity theft happens when a fraudster steals personal information like your name, credit card number, insurance information, social security number, and other important data to commit fraud or for financial gain. They may even pose as someone you know.

In this workshop, students will learn about commonly attempted scams, such as phishing attempts through phone and email and other evolving strategies fraudsters might use. Though fraud attempts change frequently, Christian will provide tips on identifying fraud quickly, as well as resources and strategies to protect yourself and your financial well-being against potential threats.


Monday, March 15

Tuition $25

This workshop will be hosted online via Zoom and is part of our LIVE WELL series.

Register here online. For more information, contact the studio by calling (319) 337-4777 or emailing

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