Order from Governor Reynolds: Fitness studios to close at noon today

Hello, Body Moves Students, Instructors and Friends,

11:00 a.m. CDT

KCRG news just released the news that Governor Reynolds issued this morning a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency, effective at noon on March 17 through March 31.

According to the proclamation, all restaurants and bars are closed to the public. Carry-out or drive-throughs can stay open. Food delivery services are also allowed to continue.

The proclamation specifically states that all fitness centers, gyms and health spas must close.

Body Moves knew that the need to close for a short time was eminent.   We were expecting the announcement to come later this week, rather than this morning.

The need for exercise and all other health behavior lifestyle practices is heightened more than usual.  We will be contacting our students in a few days with contingency services and resources for the next two weeks and perhaps longer during the time that we must be closed.  The contingency services and resources will especially apply to our students who have tuition plans with the studio.

Thank you for your patience as Body Moves addresses this now emergent step in ways to assist with your fitness and wellness during the time that we are socially distanced.

Thank you, too, for your ongoing commitment to your health and wellness and that of the larger community.

Let us all do our parts to flatten the curve.


Beth Pelton, Owner and the Entire Team of Instructors, Trainers, and Staff
Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center



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