NEW in March! Yin Yoga with Barb on Tuesdays

 Find stillness and ease in the body& mind during Yin Yoga class with certified instructor Barb Sorenson. This beneficial yin-style movement form will be added to the regular Body Moves class schedule each Tuesday at 4:00pm — beginning March 6th!
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 Barb Sorenson~Certified Yoga Teacher
Journalism & Sociology , University of Iowa
Loves dogs, meditation, and all the cultural and art events that Iowa City has to offer
During Yin Yoga floor postures are held passively for several minutes. By coming to an edge and remaining still, we allow deep layers of connective tissues to de-form, reform and become stronger. Benefits include:
*Improve range of motion and flexibility
*Nourish the organs via compression of the meridian lines 
*Calm your nervous system and cultivate quiet space
*Create internal pulsed magnetic fields, restoring cellular health
*Reduce osteopenia and osteoporosis…and more
Props are highly encouraged for Yin Yoga as the body relaxes to reach the appropriate edge, allowing gravitational forces to do the work.  A limited number of props are available at the studio. Recommended props: Blocks, Blankets,Yoga strap, Bolster. 
Beginners are Welcome! 

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