JAG returns with his Blue Earth Nia Routine- August 2!

JAG Blue Moon Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center Coralville IA 2019

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The focus of the routine is on The Base and the intent is to bring Stability to our movements by touching the Earth. The routine begins with a strong Feldenkrais energy and then moves into a sultry jazzy Tai Chi feeling. The third song features Graham style Modern Dance and Nia FreeDance while the fourth is strongly rooted in Aikido. The fifth song captures a sparkly Jazz feeling, while the sixth has a very powerful Tae Kwon Do attitude. The seventh song has a lovely Duncan Dance technique flair to it. The eighth song is a great opportunity to practice the Alexander technique and the final song has a relaxing Yoga flavor. — Tuition is $20. Space is limited so sign up today!

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