It’s No Joke!

On Thursday, April 1,
we will be opening 
to a hybrid format.

This means students can attend in-studio or online, whichever they prefer. In-studio space is limited, so please sign up online BEFORE coming to class to ensure there is room!

In addition to seeing you in class (hint, hint!), we hope to see you on Sunday, April 11, as we “Spring Back Into Life.” Join us in this opportunity to reconnect with the Body Moves community!

Enjoy the spring weather and your Body Moves friends in a simple gathering in the upper level parking lot of the Clock Tower. Please bring a lawn chair and a mask. Bottled water will be provided.

Sign up here and make plans to attend!


Students can sign up for all of our events online or by calling the studio at 319-337-3777.

Remember that any schedule changes will be posted in the Facebook group and on the website. Please check one of these regularly to keep up-to-date.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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