Health and Handwriting: The Hidden Connection

In a ever-growing tech heavy world, handwriting seems obsolete, just an archaic form of communication that should be set to the wayside, right? But are we missing something? Handwriting holds a oft-hid significance and relevance that benefits both our minds and our bodies.

As part of our LIVE WELL series, Body Moves will host a writing workshop “Health and Handwriting: The Hidden Connection” in February that will explore the connection between the two. Students will learn of the multiple advantages to the regular practice of handwriting and ways to incorporate it into their daily life, as well as ways to weave it together with other positive habits such as mindfulness and practicing gratitude. In addition, students will receive a special booklet to provide both method and motive for writing throughout the year.

The Hidden Connection


Those who attended our anniversary week workshop “Cursive Writing: Archaic or Advantageous” are encouraged to attend as new material will be presented. If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll love this one!


This is a hybrid workshop, meaning it will be presented through the Zoom platform as well as in-studio for a limited number of students following COVID protocol. A Zoom link will be emailed to the participants in the days before the workshop.

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