Excellence is not merely a skill.
It is an attitude.

-Ralph Morrison

Body Moves offers various types of classes, including Group Classes, Special Series (such as T’ai Chi and Yoga with a Chair), and Small Group Personal Training.

Our instructors are the heartbeat of our studio. Every teacher’s passion for her or his craft is evidenced in class and experienced by Body Moves’ students. 


BETH Pelton — Ageless Grace and Nia
Body Moves founder and class instructor

AMANDINE Mothershed — Nia
Group class instructor and administrative assistant

BARB Sorenson — Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga
Group class instructor

KATHRYN Smith — Pilates
Group class instructor

HOLLY Carpenter — Body Sculpt, Zumba, and Small Group Personal Trainer
Group class instructor and personal trainer

KATHY McGowan — Nia and Moving to Heal
Group and special class instructor

NIL Filiz — Gentle Yoga
Group class instructor

PAT Arnold — Ageless Grace
Group class instructor

ROBIN Ungar — Yoga with a Chair
Special series instructor

SARAH Neary — Gentle Yoga and Yoga for Grief
Group class instructor

SUE Campney — T’ai Chi and Qigong
Group class and special series instructor

JOHN Jadryev — Gentle Yoga
Group class instructor

KARI Rodrigues