On-going Series, Special Events and Small Group Personal Training

Specialty series  and events are designed with specific start and end dates and students are expected to attend all classes within the time frame. Students learn through an established progression of content and technique. Due to the nature of instruction, class enrollments typically are small in number. Examples of a specialty series are Small Group Personal Training, Tai Chi and Yoga with a Chair.  Events are periodically scheduled at Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center to provide focused learning or skill development in specific topics and movement disciplines. The events include workshops, intensives, seminars, clinics, camps, and special presentations. To select, purchase, and register for specialty classes and events, click on the link to the events. Scroll down or use the quick links listed to find Tai Chi and Yoga with a Chair…and other event(s) of your choice.
Small Group Personal Training
Tai Chi Series and Qigong
Toxin-Free Living with Essential Oil
Yoga with a Chair Series
FloorPlay Demystified with JAG

Essential Oils Toxin Free Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center Coralville

Body Moves studio is pleased to welcome Donette Johnson, a pharmacist who became associated with essential oils through her own medical challenges— and Heather Herman, an experienced and knowledgeable doTerra representative. The pair field questions, offer suggestions and follow up with a caring and personal touch. CLICK HERE to save your spot for this free educational workshop! Feel free to call the studio for more information at319-337-4777.

JAG FloorPlay Coralville Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center
To reserve your space, CLICK HERE or call the studio line with any questions at 319-337-4777.


Tai Chi and Qigong

Qigong is a class of moving meditation meeting each Tuesday with instructor Sue Campney.  You can drop into qigong any week to promote healthy “qi”(energy), to relieve stress, build stamina,  and increase vitality by stimulating the acupuncture organ meridians for overall improved well-being.  To sign up for a $15 single-class of qigong click HERE or visit our our regular CLASS SCHEDULE .

Tai Chi lifts the spirit. This ancient marital art uses slow, flowing movement and postures that increase balance, strength, focus, energy, and grounding. Based on simple but challenging principles of movement, T’ai Chi is not just exercise, it is a way to move through life!  Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center now offers four levels of T’ai Chi.  Register below for the T’ai Chi practice of your choice:

Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center Coralville Sue Campney Tai Chi


Tai Chi Level 1     8 Week series beginning  June 1
Meetings each Thursday      6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Tuition $125

 Tai Chi Level      8 Week series beginning  June 29
Meetings each Thursday      5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuition $125

 T’ai Chi Level 3      8 week series beginning June 12
Meetings each Monday   6:30 – 7:30 p.m.  Tuition $125

T’ai Chi Level 4      8 week series beginning June 12                 
Meetings each Monday  5:30 – 6:30 p.m.  Tuition $125

T’ai Chi is a progressive series. Level 1  is an 8-weeks series, intended for new students of the moving meditation practice. You will be introduced to the basic principals of Tai Chi.  Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 are 8-weeks series, designed to take those students from the Introductory course to the next levels. You will build upon short form postures while continuing to practice the basic principles.  Each of the eight classes is 60 minutes in length.  T’ai Chi is a progressive course, making its tuition independent from monthly unlimited and free-class options.  Feel free to call the Studio at 319.337.4777 if you have questions.

Yoga with a Chair –
 Instructor Robin Ungar

Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Chair Yoga March 2017 Coralville
What is Yoga with a Chair?

Yoga with a Chair is a very gentle form of yoga which works your muscles and joints to increase flexibility/mobility, strength, balance, energy, and relaxation. It helps to firm and tone the body.

The exercise of Yoga with a Chair encourages proper breathing, improved posture and light form of meditation. It has been known to help with reducing blood pressure, improves circulation, quickens recovery from injuries and surgery and improves sleep. It is a pleasurable way for people with physical limitation to experience the overall well -being of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
LEVEL 1 – Join certified Body Moves yoga instructor Robin Ungar each Monday at 10:30 for five weeks from August 21 to September 25. (No session Labor Day)  Each session is one hour. 
This is yoga without having to get up and down from the floor, and using a chair to make poses accessible to everyone. Level 1 is perfect for anyone with physical limitations who wants to find an adaptive form of yoga; also for those wanting to learn about yoga and basic poses for the first time, or as a refresher. There is an emphasis on breath work as a method of relaxation and focus. Reserve your spot early as class size is limited. Dress in comfortable clothes. $60 for the 5 Week Series. Click HERE to reserve your space.
LEVEL 2 – 
Level 2 classes will assume some knowledge of yoga poses, and will begin to work more deeply as is individually appropriate, helping the student to integrate their yoga practice in everyday life.  Level 2 classess with instructor Robin Ungar will meet each Wednesday for for six weeks from July 12 toAugust 23. Space is limited. $72 for the 6 Week Series. Click HERE to reserve your space.

Small Group Personal Training

Two fastest growing trends in wellness are Functional Fitness and Small Group Personal Training, and for good reason!   Together they can help you achieve the changes that you want so that you can live an active, full, and satisfying life~ Meet Trainers Jake, Rochelle and Catherine!

Rochelle and Jake 1000X680

Our Small Group Personal Training Program focuses on Functional Fitness. What is Functional Fitness? It’s an exercise program of movements that leads to enhanced performance in every-day life!

It’s much more than just strength training and cardio exercise. In our program, initial assessments will address your health concerns, and include screenings of your lower and upper body strength, cardio-respiratory level, your balance, agility, and flexibility. We’ll learn about your current daily health behavior practices that help and that interfere with you staying on a wellness track. Your trainer and group members will work with you to achieve your goals for greater health, fitness and wellness, while also paying strict attention to the ACSM (American College of Sport Medicine) Exercise Guidelines for overall adult wellness and fitness.

How to get started…

You will meet with your trainer and small group twice a week for 7 – 12 months. This is a program designed for long-term success and lifestyle change. You will have the added support of up to 5 total people in your program. Not only does research positively support small group training for social and motivational support, but it allows for personalized training that is affordable. It is the best of all worlds in fitness programs! Call us at 319-337-4777 to reserve one of the five spaces in a training group. Small Group Training Cover for WEBSITE
During this new program, Jake Villhauer, Rochelle Frees and Catherine Solie will design individualized workouts for you based on your needs, wants and aspirations.  Our trainers are experienced in working with adults who want to lead active vital lives.  Jake, Rochelle and Catherine know that people generally underestimate what they can accomplish in overall functional fitness and wellness.  Our trainers will evaluate your progress throughout the program and lead you to reach realistic goals.  What you do in this program will surprise you and will positively impact you now as well as later in life, in your 70s, 80s, and 90s.  The rewards of being in this program are priceless!