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Another Week to Move … and Stay Warm!

Good morning, Body Movers! Not a lot to share except … KEEP MOVING this week as cold temps will appear for (hopefully!) their last hurrah this week!! We, of course, have some great options to help with that, both in … Continue reading

What We Value

Today we’d like to share with you our latest publication that speaks to our values. It is good to revisit these from time to time to remind us of what is important and help us evaluate the trajectory of our current … Continue reading

Touch Point #61: Dieting in All Dimensions of Health

Body Moves Touch Points are weekly videos in which Body Moves owner Beth Pelton keeps in touch with the Body Moves students, addressing various health and wellness issues as well as current trends. Access to the videos is a perk of membership at … Continue reading

Today is the Day!

Hello, friends! We are excited!! Today is our “SPRING BACK INTO LIFE” community event, and we are looking forward to seeing YOU, our dear friends! There are door prizes to win, good friends to see, and bottled water to be … Continue reading

Just Two More Days!

Don’t forget! Sunday from 2:00-3:30PM. If you’re a current member, a past member, or a potential member, drop in to say hello or set up a lawn chair and stay awhile. Either way, we can’t wait to see you! Sign up … Continue reading

Monthly Calendar — Monday, April 5

Don’t be fooled; April has arrived! As we look forward to warmer months, we also look forward to being able to share class space with you all once again! We have a set number of spots available in all ACTIVE LIVING and … Continue reading

It’s No Joke!

On Thursday, April 1, we will be opening ALL CLASSES to a hybrid format. This means students can attend in-studio or online, whichever they prefer. In-studio space is limited, so please sign up online BEFORE coming to class to ensure there … Continue reading

Community Spring Celebration!

Spring has sprung… …and we are ready to spring with it! Join us for a Body Moves community event as we invite current members, former members, potential members, friends-of-members, and anyone else breathing to celebrate as we “Spring Back Into Life.” … Continue reading

Protect Yourself from Scams, Monday, March 29

Have You Ever Been the Target of a Scam? Would You Know If You Were? Scams don’t come with warning labels, but there are red flags you can look for. Join us on Monday, March 29, to learn from friends at … Continue reading

One year ago today…

One year ago today, we received the news — all fitness centers, gyms and health spas must close. What a day for infamy!! There was so much unknown, and so many new things to learn. Staff was stretched and challenged to … Continue reading

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