About Us


Let your mind fly toward, “what if?”. Let your “what if” become “why not?”.
Then you’re on your way. 

… Ernie Larsen and Carole Larsen

Welcome to Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center!

We are a privately owned fitness studio in Coralville, Iowa that offers fitness classes and programs to help you meet your exercise wants and needs. Whether you are an elite athlete, a die-hard Zumba fan, a yogi, an accomplished dancer, or a wanna-be dancer – whether you are starting to think about training for a 5K, or one who claims yourself to be totally out of shape . . . we have classes, special events, instructors, and a movement space dedicated for you. Every level of fitness and age and both genders are welcome. Check us out!  

free class imageTry ONE CLASS ON US!!     Your first class with us is complementary! Choose from any class listed on the schedule. Come a few minutes early to fill out paperwork before the new experience!

We are a one-of-a-kind fitness studio in all of Eastern Iowa. The reasons for this special mark are based on our mission and core values. Take a look – – –

Everything that we offer to you is based on our Mission:

“. . . to provide quality education and quality space for the study and the joy of body movement forms that enhance the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health, fitness, and wellness”.

Everything that we offer to you is based on our Core Values:

  • We value quality in education.  All of our instructors are certified in the movement disciplines that they teach.  Each instructor has passion for what they teach.  You will see and feel this during every class.  Click the Instructors tab on the menu to learn about our great teachers.
  • We value credible fitness trends. Our classes match with the top fitness trends in the U.S. (IDEA, 2011). You probably are familiar with Zumba, Yoga, body sculpt, and T’ai Chi, but may not know of some of our other class offerings. For example, Nia is a total body workout that blends nine movement forms. It is 30 years old and is widely taught in the U.S. and in 48 other countries. Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center is the only place in Johnson County where Nia is offered. Go to the Courses menu tab to see descriptions of each course that we offer.
  • We value quality in relationships. You will get special attention that large fitness facilities and community-based and university-based centers cannot, or do not offer. You will be welcomed by name and get help you want during your classes. You will receive reminders of your scheduled classes and days remaining on your price options. From online sources, to land-line sources, to face-to-face interactions with us at the Studio you will have access to track your attendance in classes and to your account. At your convenience, you can sign up for classes away from the Studio. You will receive educational and motivational messages and invitations for special programs and lectures and events. And, as Iowa’s seasons change, come experience fitness offerings with us to enable you to enjoy exercise and its multiple benefits.
  • We value quality of space. From the flooring to lighting to air circulation to sound system and color, our studio space allows you to be a true student of exercise and to enjoy your classes in a safe, clean, uncluttered movement environment.
  • Daily, planned physical exercise is a non-negotiable part of a healthy, fulfilling life.
  • During the week, exercise must include all components of physical fitness, regardless of your current level of fitness. Our class offerings allow you to be able to meet the current national guidelines for physical fitness. Cardiorespiratory exercise alone is not enough. Muscle strength and muscle endurance training is not enough. In total, there are five components of physical fitness which include cardiorespiratory (aerobic), resistance (muscle) training, flexibility, and neuromotor exercise training guidelines as recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM, 2011). We provide classes to help you meet the guidelines, by your current level of fitness.
  • Exercise is a life-long requirement and therefore is an avenue for life-long learning and growth and self-discovery. This core value is reflected in the types of classes we teach, how we teach the classes and by our pricing options. We welcome you take one-at-a-time (walk-in) classes to occasionally take advantage of our classes. However, we are a center for you to be a student of exercise, where you always earn an “A”! We have options that give you the choice to focus on just one movement type, such as yoga, and to be a serious student of that discipline. We also have options that give you the chance to study a variety of movement forms to benefit you and to keep exercise stimulating and less predictable. Check out our class scheduling and pricing options on the Schedule & Pricing menu tab!
  • Exercise should be pleasure-based, not pain-based. The body seeks joy in movement, not pain in movement. That is not to say that you will not sweat in our classes, because you likely will sweat and that is very good! Take our classes to learn why.
  • For health, fitness, and wellness the body demands a balance of five dimensions. These five interrelated dimensions are stated in our mission and symbolized in the five waves of our logo.

    1. Green = physical dimension
    2. Yellow = intellectual, mental dimension
    3. Fuchsia = emotional dimension
    4. Blue = social dimension
    5. Purple = spiritual dimension

Each class you take at Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center not only focuses on the physical dimension of health, but also other dimensions. As compared to other fitness venues, you will experience your classes differently, more completely at our studio. You will leave your classes with a greater sense of personal strength, wellness and joy.

We look forward to helping you meet your fitness needs and goals as a student of exercise at Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center!

In health and wellness,

Beth Pelton
Owner, Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center